Compost as Superfood (2024)

Dr. masharu

Compost as Superfood will explore production of new humxn-made earth-like substances meant especially for voluntary ingestion by humxns. The act of making compost plays into the engagement with recreating healthy soil that is sufficient in nutrients and minerals. One may assume that it is unsafe to consume material waste that has solely been broken down by organisms such as fungi, worm, nematodes, protozoa, mites and can be a breeding ground due to its humid nature for bacteria. Being able to monitor the potential outcome is one of the benefits of compost creation, although arguably it is difficult to fully monitor a natural process especially when it is outdoors and is vulnerable to contamination. Compost as Superfood aims to discuss the safety surrounding consumption of organic materials, and the complexity of cultural understanding, spatial awareness, environmental awareness, and personal desires surrounding this. Hopefully the project outcome will be both delicious and healthy.

For Compost as Superfood, dr.masharu collaborates with Sil Zeigarnik, Evy de Nijs, Emma Polman, Sophia Komarov-Reinisch and Open Wetlab of Waag Futurelab.

Along with EMAP, Compost as Superfood is developed within the Soil Life programme in the Netherlands, initiated by the Platform DIS and the Bodemzicht Foundation. Compost as Superfood is co-funded by the Creative Industries Fund NL.