Autoclonography (2024)

Johanna Bruckner

Production still, Johanna Bruckner, 2024.

Autoclonography examines the influences of AI on moments of desire (human and more-than-human) and aesthetically explores what options for agencies can be developed from them. It asks questions such as: What are the images of machine learning used for, transformed into, and what traces do they leave behind? Which bodies do they, as prosthetic images, produce? How do people encounter these images and their (failed) promises With reference to moments of desire, pleasure, sexuality and imagination in social media, found- and self-produced footage as well as sequences from filmic works – the video installation will reflect on the fragile threshold between imagination, affirmation, and frustration of technology as an interface of embodied experience. Articulated as apolyphonic installation, this work will reflect upon technologicaltransformations beyond binary regimes of gender, agency and utopia.