A Structural Plan for Imitation (2024)

Rosemary Lee in collaboration with Alexia Achilleos

While immaterial, models, algorithms, and computation are capable of structuring the world in significant ways. Visual culture is increasingly influenced by statistical models based on the large-scale analysis of data, even cannibalizing visual culture, itself. This holds resounding implications for the aesthetics, significance, and ideological value of images. Addressing these ideas, A Structural Plan for Imitation looks at how the concept of the model plays out in recent contexts surrounding artificial intelligence, looking at discrepancies between the promises made about AI and the realities of how it materially acts on the world. With the current emphasis on methodologies that, critically or a-critically, rely heavily on the implementation of models, it’s crucial to consider the assumptions, power dynamics, and ideologies embedded in these practices. The project explores this idea through the development of a video installation and printed publication.