Transformative Narratives performance Choir of Kin @ Antre Peaux

December 15, 2023, 6:00 pm

Choir of Kin is an audiovisual performance by the Transformative Narratives collective, bringing together ecology, biology, queer and music theory with queer notions of kinship and our relationship to the environment. Drawing on scientific research into symbiosis and collective forms of life, the project challenges individualism and proposes strategies for mutualisation, the construction of sympoietic worlds and radical care. With an emphasis on polyphony and the use of clusters, a speculative bio-system is created, using the sounds of various forms of life. This Choir of Kin is a dissonant and resilient defence system that seeks to address generational and environmental trauma.

On 15 December 2023, Transformative Narratives will be organising an immersive performance in which the process and results of the research project will be presented at their host organisation Antre Peaux. Visitors are invited to experience the sound and visual worlds that the collective has constructed with its human and non-human collaborators. On the following two days, visitors will be able to visit the installation resulting from this performance.


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