Taavi Suisalu @ WIP Festival 2023

Taavi Suisalu shows his EMAP project Waiting for the light in the framework of WIP Festival 2023, organized by CYENS Centre of Excellence and supported by the EMAP Partner Presentation Grant.

The installation departs from the fact that intercontinental communication relies heavily on the submarine fiber-optic cables. This network carries threads of light as thin as one tenth of a human hair while being as existential to technological societies as the sun is for the plants. The Wardian cases act as miniature ecosystems and also as islands in this network between things. Once connected, they become objects of interest to automated processes, robots whose acts of communication, once passed the floors of oceans, are lit back into our environment as bursts of growth light, giving them an agenda they are unaware of.

The festival takes place from 20 October - 03 November 2023 in Nicosia.


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