Dasha Ilina & Nicolas Gourault @ AMRO24

May 8, 2024, 9:40 am - May 17, 2024, 9:40 am

Art Meets Radical Openness (AMRO) is a biennial community festival for art, hacktivism and open cultures. It provides a space for discussion and resistance against technological monoculture, and for sharing and learning together on contemporary issues of our networked times.

For its 10th edition "Dancing at the Crossroads", AMRO has invited its community of artists and technologists, activists and developers to contribute with works of protest and dissent against the normative, extractive and anti-social technological mainstream. We aim to explore forms of computational degrowth and the principles of permacomputing, and to address the consequences of a perhaps resistible rise of total AI.

Part of this year´s exhibition is the EMAP artist Dasha Ilina with her residency project:

Drawing on online as well as community resources, ADVICE WELL TAKEN: Folk tales of digital salvation by Dasha Ilina intends to create an ethnography, documenting the folk strategies around the uses of technology, with a specific focus on saving damaged or dying devices, and the sharing of mythologies to explain the obfuscated workings of algorithms used in social media applications.

AMRO24 will take place from 08 - 11 May 2024, the exhibitions run until 17 May 2024.
The works will be on screen at various exhibition spaces such as afo – architekturforum oberösterreich, bb15 –Space for Contemporary Art, MAERZ, STWST, DH5, /dev/lol – Developer Lab of Linz, Willy*fred, and more


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