Our Terms, Our Conditions @ IMPAKT Festival and EMAP group show

This year´s IMPAKT Festival will discuss how we, as digital users, can take back control over our data and get more agency over the technologies we are so dependent on. How can we apply our conditions when we use online platforms? It’s time to stand up against the way Big Tech companies are commodifying people. And when it comes to increasing their use of digital technologies as a tool for governance, governments should be prioritising our interest – not efficiency. The IMPAKT Festival 2023 will be a platform for open dialogue between the audience, politicians, artists and experts. Through the festival, IMPAKT wants to foster a dialogue on developing better legislation that forces technology companies to be more ethical. Our data needs to be protected and tech corporations should operate on our terms. Let’s turn Big Tech into Fair Tech!

The festival includes the exhibition Don't Be Evil with different EMAP artists and their current projects such as Dasha Ilina, Nicolas Gourault, Total Refusal, Martin Nadal and Caroline Sinders.

The IMPAKT Festival 2023 takes place from 01 to 05 November 2023 in Utrecht. The exhibition Don't Be Evil runs until 07 January 2024.


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