Alizée Armet @ DA Festival 2023

EMAP artist Alizée Armet is part of this year´s International Digital Art Festival in Sofia with the "Antibiosis: The Art of Struggle and Survival".

Through the idea of antibiotic interaction DA Festival looks at the deep and often intense relationship between forces in the natural world through the prism of contemporary art. Just as micro-organisms battle for supremacy in their microscopic realms, the artists in the festival programme delve into the subtleties of conflict, contrast and competition in human experience and the environment.

Alizée Armet will be present with her EMAP work Ghostly plants of damaged worlds, an installation between technological world art and bio-art. Presenting a speculative vision, this project narrates the problems of life sciences and evolution to solicit a post-anthropocentric look, a hybridization of bodies and this by a method between trans, hackism and feminism.

The festival takes place from 24 - 28 October 2023 in Sofia.


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