Paula Nishijima in collaboration with Marlén López

Paula Nishijima,

Marlén López,

Paula Nishijima is a visual artist with a research-oriented practice that unfolds at the crossroads of life science, technology and participatory social practice. She investigates the collective and self-organised behaviour of living systems in nature, and how it inspires more collaborative, sustainable and more ethical forms of relationships between humans, nonhumans and the environment. Her artistic research materialises and is documented through different media, such as video, photography and bioart.

Marlén López is an architect and director of Biomimetic Laboratory in the Redes Natural Park (Asturias, Spain). Her research and work focus on the application of biomimicry to architecture and engineering through new technologies of digital fabrication. She currently combines her work as an architect and designer at Volumínica Studio, founded in 2017, with teaching and research at the Biomimetic Laboratory. Throughout thirteen years of experience, she has developed different architectural and research projects, and publications.



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