Nadja Verena Marcin in collaboration with Alex Stachowiak

Nadja Verena Marcin is a visual artist who explores psychology and human behavior through an interdisciplinary analysis of feminism and emotional architecture in a theatrical and cinematic context. Through photographic and moving image-based works, live actions, and immersive participatory installations, her work subverts historical and media representations of women to reveal ideological systems of power and psychological effects at their origins. Her work has been shown worldwide at Gropius Bau (Berlin), SCHAUWERK (Sindelfingen), Fridman Gallery (New York), Garage Museum (Moscow), and ZKM Museum (Karlsruhe), received grants from the New York State Council for the Arts and the Stiftung Kunstfonds (Bonn). She graduated from Columbia University's School of the Arts and has served as a lecturer and critic at Wellesley College and the Int. Center for Photography.

Alex Stachowiak is a computer programmer and artistic collaborator with an interest in machine intelligence, generative art and human processes.



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