Mónica Rikić in collaboration with Gema FB Martín

Mónica Rikić is an electronic artist based in Barcelona. She focuses her practice on creative coding and electronics, combining them with non-digital materials to create interactive projects, robotic installations, and handcrafted electronic objects that perform different concepts of her research scope, presenting themselves as theatrical devices. Her proposals merge technology and philosophy through art, creating technological artifacts far from the need of any functionality or productivity, just for the sake of building critical spaces that trigger collective thinking and discussion. She was awarded with Catalonia's National Culture Award in 2021. Her works have been exhibited in numerous prestigious national and international events and venues such as Ars Electronica, FILE Brasil, Creative Tech Week in New York, Robotronica in Austalia or CCCB in Barcelona, among others.

Gema FB Martín is a clinical psychologist, scientist and artist. She has 3 lines of research: (1) Computational models of artificial emotions for social robots (2) Immersive virtual environments for theraphy and (3) Mental health and sublimation. She is currently living and working in Utrecht (Nederlands) working as a lecturer as well as she collaborates with 2 labs: (CAR)CSIC-UPM (Madrid) and Human Cognition and Brain Studies Laboratory (Monterrey).
Currently it is writing a fiction book and it is a member of the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, a virtual orchestra in which she performs.