Juliane Jaschnow & Stefanie Schroeder in collaboration with Shoi

Juliane Jaschnow is a filmmaker and artist. Her work focuses on collective narratives and memory processes, their identity-creating dimension and the role of image-political practices. She studied visual arts specializing in expanded cinema and photography at the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts. Juliane Jaschnow is a graduate of the Professional Media Master Class (PMMC) for artistic documentary film and the PMMC Lab at the werkleitz Center for Media Arts. Her work has been shown in international festivals and exhibitions such as transmediale Berlin, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, National Gallery Prague, DOK Leipzig, steirischer Herbst Graz. She is a member of the Filmic Initiative Leipzig FILZ.

Stefanie Schroeder is an artist mainly working in photography and film. She tries to combine a documentary approach with strategies from conceptual and performance art, often including autobiographical aspects. Social usages of photography and video, work/labour and their images, (mental) landscape transformation processes are some of her main interests. Stefanie studied art history /art edcation at Greifswald University and photography/media art at HGB Leipzig. She is an Alumni of PMMC Masterclass and PMMC Lab by Werkleitz e.V. Halle and a member of the artist collective Filmische Initiative Leipzig FILZ. Currently she participates in the pilot program for experimental film by MDM.

Shoi is a sound artist and musician in a craftsman way. He produces works on HAK, diy record label, since 2005. Actually he is working as music curator for EMMETROP, venue in Bourges, and for RME, electroacoustic and electronic meeting in Chartres. He uses the uptake, fieldrecording to create databases of original sounds, sampling, and the use of filters and micro sensors for generating atmospheres with organic tones.



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