Andreas Zingerle in collaboration with Linda Kronman

Andreas Zingerle is a media artist who received his PhD from the University of Art and Design Linz researching vigilante counter-movements and anti-fraud activism. He implements social engineering strategies that emerge in his research into interactive narratives, artistic installations, data visualizations and creative media competence training with a focus on Open Source tools and workflows.

Linda Kronman is a media artist and PhD researcher in a digital humanities project called Machine Vision in Everyday Life at the University of Bergen. Her research on how machine vision is represented in digital art draws on feminist, posthuman and critical theory. By combining methods from humanities with artistic explorations she engages with the ways art can help us think differently about AI.

Since 2010 Andreas and Linda have collaborated under the collective name Kairus exploring the use and abuse of technologies through practice-based research which is closely intertwined with their artistic production. In 2022 Kairus was awarded the Outstanding Artist Award by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts and Culture.