Paula Pin


Paula Pin (ES)

The future of trans organs on a chip is coming to a space near you. Externalized Organs for Exploration Gonadadarian Dissolution It is a Work in Progress that should be understand as a device that Perform the inner body and the organs inside (sexual ones) in order to explore output out of this experiment. the motivations to build and explore TRANS ORGANS are plural but them for the present residence It will be more on focus to explore the mixing or hormones with the artificial growing of out own cells, to explore different speculative ways to talk about gonadarian dissolution and in order to use the device to check how some natural drugs will be work in contact with the hybrid entity to after has probably or more questions or simple some answers. gonadarian dissolution is being a way to talk from the state before testosterone and estrogens start to make differences on the physical aspects of human non human entities.

EMAP/EMARE grants of Paula Pin