Coralie Vogelaar @ ZKM and Dokfest Kassel

Coralie Vogelaar, EMAP/EMARE-artist at Werkleitz (2017), is going to present current works and researches developed within her EMAP-residency at these two events and has been nominated for the Golden Cube Award (Monitoring, Dokfest Kassel):

Open Codes. The World as a Field of Data

Random String of Emotions
4K generative video played at random order

'Emotion recognition software analyzes our emotions by deconstructing our facial expressions into temporal segments that produce the expression, and deducting them into certain percentages of six basic emotion, happy, sad, angry, surprised, scared and disgusted. In this video work the artist uses this decoding system to turn the process around. Here - instead of detecting Action Units - a computer is used to generate a random string of these AU’s. In this way complex and maybe even non-existing emotion expressions are discovered. These randomly formed expressions, played in random order, is then analyzed by professional emotion recognition software again.'

14.11–19.11 2018, Opening November 14th

Interface (A research on emotions by pattern recognition) 2018
2 channel 4K video, 23 minutes loop. 55 inch, polyethylene foam, Double Arm Flat Screen Wall Mount

'In this 2 channel video work, a movement analysis of emotions is being done by deconstructing it into temporal segments that produced the expression, called action units (AU – developed by prof. Paul Ekman and used in most emotion recognition software). On one screen emotions are being expressed by actress Marina Miller Dessau – hereby she reacts on stories being told to her. On the right screen the observed components of facial movements are re-enacted the day after. The result is a nonverbal exchange between computerized movements and their corresponding emotions, in which the detection technique is triggered by the emotions but also the other way around.'

The work has been nominated for the Golden Cube Award.

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