Kat Austen


Kat Austen (GB)
Artist Statement: What more do we need to know before we enact relations with others? And how do we need to know it? My works interrogate the diffuseness of boundaries between the self and other(s), exploring engendering a sense of closeness or empathy with the other while contextualising these connections within global systems. Considering the self as a minded-body, my work explores embodiment, rhythm and flow as forms of knowledge that allow us to sense connections with other(s). In this respect, the conceptual development of my work is informed by imaginings of chemical processes at boundaries, first encountered during my PhD in chemistry, which act as a foil against which to interrogate other unseen systems and processes. My primary focus is to make sense of the physical and sociopolitical motivations for the understanding of the self in what we term the environment, and the impact of this on both the idea of the self - identity - and on the other(s). These explorations take the form of sound works, installations and participatory performances that employ multiple senses to engender deeper, felt understanding of the artwork’s topic.
Stranger to the Trees
  • Stranger to the trees

Stranger to the Trees is a new media project exploring the complementary coexistence of microplastics and trees as carbon sinks. How do trees and microplastics coexist in forests, capturing carbon in the time of the climate crisis? Combining video, interactive sound and sculpture, Stranger to the Trees queries the response of forest ecosystems to the ubiquitous and irrevocable dispersal of microplastics around the Earth.

The Work was realised within the framework of the European Media Art Platforms EMARE program at WRO Art Center with support of the Creative Europe Culture Programme of the European Union