Augustin Gimel & Brigitte Perroto


Augustin Gimel (FR)
Brigitte Perroto (FR)
Terres vaines
color, stereo sound, 2012, 11 min
Texts: Alexandre Koutchevsky
Voice: Elios Noël
Production: Centre de rotation / Gyroscope

Disappeared countries and their ghost frontiers: a video journey along lines erased from earth, reminiscences of a forgotten geography. Over the course of history, on all continents, many countries appeared and then vanished, leaving room for others. Their ghost frontiers haunt our landscapes, physical remains sometimes stand, ruins of a wall, ditches filled by dust, scars in a forest...


EMAP/EMARE grants of Augustin Gimel & Brigitte Perroto

Werkleitz Gesellschaft (EMARE REGIO 2011)