Robyn Moodys "Nostalgia for a myth" goes transmediale

Robyn Moodys new piece "Nostalgia for a myth", on which he has been working during his EMARE residency at Werkleitz - center for media art in Germany, is going to be shown for the first time at this years transmediale in Berlin between the 28th January and the 1st February.

Moody has been working a lot with mechanics lately, and electronics for the past 15 years. „I've been thinking about technologies that have survived hundreds or thousands of years, such as waterwheel milling; sometimes recently revived to appeal to adherents of the appeal to nature fallacy in relation to food, but also because the technology simply works.“ He constructs mechanisms based on classical waterwheel devices that respond to their respective environments, using a nearby river or wind to derive their power.