no bodies welcome | all bodies welcome @ transmediale, E2E
  • © Aay Liparoto

Aay Liparoto with HOT BODIES - CHOIR present no bodies welcome | all bodies welcome at transmediale 2020 within the group exhibition The Eternal Network, opening 28th Jan:

In their work, Aay Liparoto acknowledges our interdependence with technology for information, work, sex, entertainment, socialising, healthcare and the crossovers in between. What does this web of interdependence mean for queer feminist bodies, which rely more heavily on DIY information exchange? Housed in a ‘void pod’, the speculative choir piece presented here, is created through workshops with HOT BODIES – CHOIR a queer, LGBTIEA+ and feminist choir based in Brussels. Cocooned with light and sound, their voices invite us to reflect and question the power and politics of the spaces we participate in online and the behaviour of ourselves and others.

The artwork has been informed by Liparoto’s ongoing research and evolution of the Not Found On wiki—. This is an online project co-created through a series of workshops with, by and for feminist queer bodies to record and exchange knowledge. The adjoining publication-  Everything you own you’ve had to build on stolen ground - chronicles the collective process and thinking behind used in Include your community Workshops.