.move ON on summer tour #2 – Visible Evidence, Toronto, Canada
  • Daniel Cockburn

The Goethe Institute Toronto presents the European Media Artistis in Residence Exchange with Australia and Canada as a sidebar of the acclaimed "Visible Evidence Conference", August 19, 12-5 pm with participation of following EMARE artists and representatives of host organisations:

        * Peter Zorn, Werkleitz, Halle/Saale, Germany
        * Mike Stubbs, FACT Liverpool, UK
        * Mathias Jud, artist, Berlin/Zuerich
        * Daniel Cockburn, artist, Toronto
        * Steve Reinke, artist, Chicago/Toronto
        * Julie Rene, Prim Montreal
        * Aaron Pollard, Oboro Montreal
        * Heather Keung & Scott Miller Berry, Images Festival Toronto

Please find more information on the Toronto conference here.