Margherita Pevere @ Outré: Encounters with non/living things
  • © Margherita Pevere

Margherita Pevere will participate with Wombs (realised during EMARE grant 2019) in the exhibition Outré: Encounters with non/living things. The exhibition features works from invited projects which were created fully or in part at the Biofilia Lab of Aalto University launched in 2012.
Outré: Encounters with non/living things will be on view at V1 & V2 galleries in Väre from 19.11 till 07.12 and will be online at
Participating artists and researchers:
Aamo artscience group (Bartaku, Janne Halme, Paulo Pinho, Merja Penttilä, Pyry Mäkinen); Antti Tenetz;  Christina Stadlbauer; Noora Sandgren; Margherita Pevere; and Refashioning the Renaissance Team (Paula Hohti, Piia Lempiäinen, Sophie Pitman, Michele Robinson, Anne-Kristine Sinvald Larsen, Timothy McCall).
Collaborators & Contributors:
Assoc. Prof. Helena Sederholm; Laboratory Master James Evans; Assoc. Prof. Laura Beloff; and Biofilia Laboratory Manager Marika Hellman.
The exhibition is curated by Bilge Hasdemir and co-produced by Sharing & Co-Creating Transdisciplinary Artworks (SCTA), a University-Wide initiative responsible for exhibitions, transdisciplinary artworks, collections and public art at Aalto University. Graphic design by Emery L Norton.
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