Margherita Pevere @ ArtLab Berlin
  • © Margherita Pevere

EMAP alumni Margherita Pevere is going to show her work Wombs (partly EMAP sponsored) within the group show THE CAMILLE DIARIES at Art Laboratory Berlin.

Opening: 27 August 2020
Running time: 28 August - 4 October 2020
@ Art Laboratory Berlin, Prinzenallee 34 and OKK, Prinzenallee 29, 13359 Berlin

Online symposium: 26 September 2020

Exhibition & Symposium | Curated by Regine Rapp & Christian de Lutz

The exhibition The Camille Diaries. Current Artistic Positions on M/otherhood, Life and Care presents new artistic works by eleven international women and non-binary artists (installations, video, objects, performance). Reflecting on the current conditions of our world (environmental changes, gender aspects, biopolitics, etc.), the artists' positions propose an 'aesthetics of care' as the basis for inter-species coexistence. Here, the planet is understood as a symbiotic web in which we are all entangled with one another (humans, plants, animals, environment) - on molecular, organic, ethical and biopolitical levels. The artistic positions investigate reproductive mechanisms, biochemical connections between humans and nonhumans, and refer to alternative biomaterials as "source of life" in future times of scarcity and crisis.