Gail Priest's "Sounding the Future" at Bandits-Mages Rencontres 2014
  • Bandits-Mages Rencontres 2014

Bandits-Mages Rencontres 2014 is proud to present a lecture concert by EMARE artist Gail Priest from Sydney, Australia on Friday 14th of November 2014 in Bourges, France


In the framework of EMAN#EMARE (with the support of European Union) and in association with La Box et the Post-diploma « arts and sound creations » (ensa Bourges) Sounding the Future (insonifier – sonder le futur) brings together the worlds of speculative fiction and audio art. It seeks to predict what the art of future will sound like. The work takes the form of a creative fiction proposing a number of future scenarios. Elements within this will branch off to non-fiction writing, underscoring these speculations within a critical framework. Critical and creative text will also be illustrated, or rather sonified, by artworks exemplifying the proposed concepts and ideas.



6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Conference / concert by Gail Priest (Australia) followed by a discussion / encounter with Gail Priest and Alexandre Castant at Soupe aux choux

9:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Listening Visions: Original program curated by Gail Priest at Soupe aux choux

Bandits-Mages Rencontres 2014