The exhibition of EMARE artist Lauren Moffatt at FACT in Liverpool is on until 19th January 2015
  • Periphery, Lauren Moffatt

Artist and filmmaker Lauren Moffatt has been spent seven-weeks (1 November - 19 December) at FACT es part of the European Media Artist Residency Exchange (EMARE) Programme. Lauren's recent work concernes ideas of seeing, perception and understanding as well as exploring different techniques of using both archaic and very modern methods of filmmaking and programming to create something unexpected in appearance. These are themes she has been exploring whilst at FACT, as well as allowing the public to become involved in the making of a new work, and learn new skills (such as projection mapping, programming and sound design) along the way.

During her time in Liverpool Lauren has been working in a specially designed workshop space in the foyer of FACT inspired by an earlier FACT exhibition Type Motion.

The artwork she has been developing, called Periphery, is for Occulus Rift – an affordable Virtual Reality (VR) headset – which has exploded the gaming market and has allowed artists working with film to explore new ground in producing immersive, interactive worlds and narratives. It takes the form of an immersive, wearable 3D environment that places the user at the centre of the action, like a cross between the best sorts of video games and being stuck in a film you can subtly influence.

In the exhibition you can see her previous work, and test pieces for the new work as well as research and development on both a screen and on Oculus Rift.

For more information please visit the website of FACT.