Artist Talk with Verena Friedrich on her work "The Long Now"
  • Verena Friedrich, The Long Now Art Science
    1. Close-up on soap bubble.
  • Verena Friedrich, The Long Now Art Science OBORO
    2. The first soap bubble is released for the attending crowd. Photo credit: Andrea-Jane Cornell

On Wednesday May 27, Verena Friedrich presented an artist talk that culminates in a demonstration of her new work.

The presentation was hosted at OBORO in collaboration with PRIM and Perte de signal, and the generous support of Goethe-Institut and CALQ.

Verena Friedrich offered an overview of her recent works that bridge art historical and scientific concerns related to  ephemerality and stability.  Her presentation culminated in the unveiling of her soap bubble machine and the releasing of soap bubbles into a custom made display case designed to suspend the bubbles in mid-air and consequently prolong their lives. The Long Now serves as a companion to Friedrich's Vanitas Machine in which she intervened with the atmosphere surrounding a candle to make it burn longer.