“Perspection” by Matthew Biederman and Pierce Warnecke on ELEKTRA 16

Perspection (squared) - the performance version of Perspection by EMARE artists Matthew Biederman and Pierce Warnecke will be shown on the 16th May at the ELEKTRA 16 in Montreal. ELEKTRA presents more than 30 of the most innovative local and international digital artists until the end of June.

Perspection (squared)​ is a series of audiovisual explorations of the limits of our sonic and visual perception. Anamorphism and illusions of three-dimensional objects are projected on two separate screens, placed orthogonally (90 degrees) from one another, exploring the primacy of the line versus colour.

Motorized hypersonic speakers project narrow beams of sound at the audience. The audience’s senses are confused by psychoacoustic effects that shift between extremely dynamic and static. At the midpoint between interactivity and synchronization, Perspection (squared) explores the properties of the physical space and breaks down conventions of the flat screen through an interplay of light, sound, and colour.