faster than light-a performative journey by Kentaro Kumanomido and Thomas Anthony Owen
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Kentaro Kumanomido and Thomas Anthony Owen, first artists in residence of the EMAP/EMARE platform at the Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens, invite us on a performative journey along the margins of consciousness.

During their 2 months residency, the artists explored various non-digital networks in a urban context such as Athens and developed their new project called “Faster than Light”, an intermedia project focused on the intersections of technology, identity, consciousness, trauma, and survival. Through filmmaking, movement research, and visionary fiction, Kumanomido and Owen developed work for multimedia broadcasts throughout the city of Athens.


Faster than light is a performative journey along the margins of consciousness, where we pick up shards of fragmented code belonging to a mythical operating system whose name has been long-forgotten. lately, we’ve heard whispers on the wind of a string of letters sounding something like “ freeeedommm” we will brew a pot of something strange, in order to entice, through scent, this memory of our remembering.

“Kentaro & Thomas”


Kentaro Kumanomido and Thomas Anthony Owen are improvisational choreographers based in Europe. Together, they form the core of electric shepherds (est. 2015), an art-as-research collaboration focused on creating femme-forward contexts for radical queer embodiment, new media practices, and quasi-mystical encounters.

Faster than light project will be presented at the Onassis Cultural Centre – Athens on the 27th and 28th of June 2018. More information here:

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