Centro Multimedia del Centro Nacional de las Artes (CMM) (MX)

Centro Multimedia del Centro Nacional de las Artes (CMM) (MX)

Centro Multimedia (CMM) is a media art center in Mexico City dedicated to the experimentation, research, training and dissemination of artistic and cultural practices related with electronic media since almost 18 years. It has six workshops or laboratories: working facilities for interactive systems, digital graphics, audio, virtual reality, moving image and robotics/electronic interfaces. Within this framework, CMM established a media lab for the development of projects requiring a transdisciplinary process for the production of these.

The center offers to an increasingly wide community of artists and researchers an annual programme of residencies which supports the production of electronic arts projects. Currently the training programme offered to the community comprises of complementary and concentration courses for the students of different schools located in the Centro Nacional de las Artes and academic outreach courses aimed at a general artistic youth and children community, all taught by recognized experts from both Mexico and abroad. In addition CMM hosts an ongoing series of forums, seminars and conferences that encourages the reflection of issues related with art, science and technology.

In order to exhibit and promote the projects of its community and to share experiences in the field of creation through new media, the media center also hosts an exhibition programme and national and international events.


Río Churubusco 79
Ciudad de México 04220