uh513 (María Castellanos & Alberto Valverde)


María Castellanos (ES)
Alberto Valverde (ES)
Our work as art group brings together a collection of works and projects in which we study the interrelations and intersections that occur between machines and the human being. We approach these issues in different kind of pieces: Interactive installations, sound interventions, multimedia pieces, etc. However, the support is not more than one channel that canalize the project itself. A transversal and interdisciplinary research where the machine, far from a cold body, acts as an integrating factor, multiplying human capacities for equal us to other living beings or mechanical things already equipped with them.
Beyond human perception
  • © uh513 (María Castellanos & Alberto Valverde)

work in progress!

Video (password required): http://vimeo.com/452541581
Professionals: for password request contact info@emare.eu

The project addresses the gaps in the exploration of perception of human beings and plants in order to compare recordings of both beings and try to understand a bit more the nature.

We want to focus the research in exploration of the perception through the sound, and recording how plants and humans react to the same stimulus.

To do that we would like to place plants and humans beings in the same controlled room. There we are going to measure brain waves in humans with a headset that record EEG data, and electrical changes in plants with a sensor that we have developed, when both living beings are exposed to live music.
The idea is to record the same experiment with people and plants during at least four sesions with two people in each sesion and live music.
With the recorded data and an algorithm to generate 3d shapes we are going to translate the data from humans and plants into 3D printed sculptures through we can compare in a physical way the measurements of humans and plants to the same stimulus.