Rebecca Lennon


Rebecca Lennon (GB)
Rebecca Lennon (*1981) is a British media artist, who combines sound, video, collage and live performance with incongruous technical and hand made props. Rambling, non-linear texts (or scripts) perform themselves silently, resolving nothing and often deferring subjectivity to the viewer. Informed by a sense of madness in the hysterical image consumption and endless mythologies of our time, Lennon draws from cinema, ebay, terrorism, protest, debt, cult and commodity, to warp and disturb the ideas and images that are familiar to us. And in doing so, she absurdly re-narrates our world into a place of papier-mâché heads, autotuned seagulls, terrorist screensavers and mushroom cloud smoke machines. Lennon graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2010 and lives and works in London. She is represented by Ceri Hand Gallery.
Viva La Revolution
  • Rebecca Lennon: Viva La Revolution Part One (Drive By Cinema), 2012
  • Rebecca Lennon: Viva La Revolution Part Two (Don't let it end this way tell them I said something), 2012
  • Rebecca Lennon: Viva La Revolution Part Three (Helium Scream), 2012
  • Rebecca Lennon: Viva La Revolution Part One (Drive By Cinema), installation view, 2012 © Wieland Krause

Inspired by the last words of Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa († 1923) “Don`t Let It End This Way Tell Them I Said Something”, Rebecca Lennon’s residency in San Luis Potosí explores the legacy and mythology of revolution, voice and voicelessness and the transformation of the radical and extreme into spectacle. Like Villa’s words which imply everything and say nothing and are rendered authorless by historical reports that Villa died instantly by gun shot to the head, Lennon is interested in the Mexico of the mind, the cinematic landscape and the debris of ideas, ideologies, narratives and beliefs that have eaten their own logic and origins, so that they wilfully float in a state of empowered schizophrenia.

EMAP/EMARE grants of Rebecca Lennon