Liliana Piskorska


Liliana Piskorska (PL)
Visual artist, born in 1988, based in Wroclaw/Poland. In 2017 she finished her PhD at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Torun. She has taken part in over 90 individual and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad. She is finalist of Forecast Forum in Haus der Kulturen der Welt/Berlin in 2017 and Audience Award Winner: Views 2019: Deutsche Bank Award. In her artistic work, she analyses social issues from the perspective of radical sensitivity, rooted in the feminist-queer and feminist-posthumanist practice and theory. She focuses on dependencies between the state, the nation, Central European identity and the position of peripheral identities. She undertakes the subject of queer lesbianism and non-heteronormativity, considering their construction and potentiality and  examines the place of the Other in constructing state projects. Some important elements of her practice include the questions of group identity, group memory, construction of the law, and the methods of building imagined communities.
Gently Running Downwards

Gently Running Downwards is an audio/video installation focusing on the polyphony and synchronicity of events, facts, ideas in the conspiracy discourse of post-truth, radical right, the theory of ‘cultural Marxism’. The keyword behind the idea of the project is the concept of ‘Deep Story” created by A. R. Hochschild, who explains how radical right wing political attitudes and social behaviors are created. ‘A deep story is a feels-as-if story—it’s the story feelings tell, in the language of symbols. It removes facts. It tells us how things feel.’ Thus, the concept of the ‘Deep story’ can show us the feelings behind the right wing wave flowing through Europe, and transforming this sociological concept into an object of art may improve what science cannot deal with: namely, showing what is emotional, subcutaneous, displaced. The installation will be the end result of a performative-research residency planned for the beginning of 2021, during which I will design a cycle of performative meetings aimed at processing emotionally the amplifying right wing discourse. Audio/textual materials, collected during meetings, research, interviews, will be transformed into an interwoven, bilingual audio layer of the EMARE installation.

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